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Серж Сакенов. Сухарики "Хрустец"  
11:52am 06/11/2015
RIP Mick Karn of Japan 
03:34am 15/01/2011
  Haven't posted in ages, but I thought it would be fitting to express my respect for Mick Karn. You will be missed.   :(...

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We'd love to be friends)) 
03:05am 09/01/2011
  Well... whenever anyone recalls "The New Romantics", Blitz Kids, or 80-ies in London... we definitely connect those memories with the names of Boy George, Steve Strange... and Marilyn! =)
So... few days ago we've created a community, dedicated to Peter Robinson aka Marilyn, one of the sexiest pop-stars of 80-ies.

We are welcoming all of you here: ru_themrmarilyn the community is frequently updated... .))

new electropop track from the thought criminals 
02:53pm 09/06/2010
  hear more on last.fm  http://www.last.fm/music/The+Thought+Criminals/Under+The+Radar+EP

01:59pm 12/10/2009
mood: artistic
Anyone with even a passing interest in synthesizers and early 80's pop will probably find the documentary Synth Britannia interesting. It's airing on BBC4 on Friday at 9, I understand. I for one shall be glued to the idiot's lantern. Here are a couple of articles about it: one fairly in-depth one from the Guardian here and another shorter, but entertaining one where Martyn Ware and Andy McCluskey get a bit *MIEAOW!* from the Telegraph here.
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There's nothing I can do, the camera made you... 
10:59pm 25/08/2009
mood: delighted
Just thought I'd share this obscure delight from Peter Godwin with you. It was posted on F**eb**k today but I thought it should be delivered to this classy spot. I'd never seen it before so imagine it may be new to some of you.

At the tail-end of the '00s, it always makes me happy to discover cracking songs from the 80's that I hadn't heard before. The synths are gorgeous, the tune is epic and the lyrics of a man's forlorn love for a model from an advert have that rarefied mixture of preposterousness and exquisite, fringe-flicking melancholy that characterises the best tunes of the era.

Godwin actually produced and wrote for Ronny and I find it interesting that the lady in the video does look rather like her, facially. (The synths also remind me a bit of the synths on To Have And Have Not.) I love the bit where she bats the remote from his hand like an irritable cat.

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Ronny MySpace page 
09:24pm 02/04/2009
mood: nostalgic
I am aware that MySpace has recently fallen from favour among many users, but have still gone ahead and made a MySpace page about Ronnyanyway. I felt she should have one as there wasn't anything much about her on there, or anywhere on the net in fact. There's a few nice pictures on there anyway, and a couple of tunes. I hope to scan some of my stuff from books and magazines and put that on there when I finally locate my scanner (I moved house recently). I've got a great book with a questionnaire filled in in her own handwriting (quite unusual, all uppercase and left-slanting!) that I hope to put there.

There's also a couple of videos from YouTube including a great one that nuromantik directed me to. I hope the people that put them there won't mind me sharing them - if you are reading and you do mind, please let me know.

I secretly look forward to a polite but severe email from Ronny ordering me to take it all down :D
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"Behind the door of the the Blue Cabaret..." 
04:04pm 23/02/2009
mood: impressed

I have just seen that a YouTube user called R4949 has kindly put a wonderful video of Ronny performing her synth-swirling masterpiece of gender confusion, Blue Cabaret.

Her voice sounds as good live as it does on record, and her performance is distilled essence of Romo. She eschews the try-hard sexuality of so many female performers, and captivates utterly with fabulously arch facial expressions, fringe-flicking and immense poise and charisma. The uniform and rouge-wearing Romo boys "manning" the synths and drums are a nice touch too.
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Album of the week 
09:40am 28/01/2009
David Bowie : Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
with revised track listing:

Side One

It's No Game (No. 1)
Teenage Wildlife
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)
Ashes to Ashes

Side Two

Up the Hill Backwards
Kingdom Come
Because You're Young
Scream Like a Baby
It's No Game (No. 2)

More Laughs From Our Italian 80's Friends ^_^ 
10:48am 04/01/2009
  Ok guys, I am not trying to make you all miserable with these 80's vids from Italian music stars, but I am finding they are really tickling me. :)
While looking at that Donatella person I posted not too long ago, I also found this gentleman, named Alberto Camerini.
It would appear that he was(maybe still is, who knows), a pop star, and created such Italian classics as,'Rock N' Roll Robot'.(teehee)
I haven't dug around a lot on this man(there are several videos of him on youtube, usually in more poppy clothes for the time frame), but this video caught my eye because of his makeup and clothes.
My verdict is he looks actually pretty good to me, and I certainly wouldn't turn him out of my club if I was Steve Strange. However, outside of the just passable song(isn't too painful, and less bad than poor Donatella's), he is suffering from 'lack of energy disease' while performing-LOL. I mean, I don't know what this poor fellow was thinking, or maybe he was ill or something, but he simply appears as if he does not want to be there at all. His lack of enthusiasm almost makes me feel as if they dragged an audience member backstage, painted him up and threw him out there to lipsync. The actual audience are a strange mix of awed and stunned, if I could wager a guess. In addition, perhaps he made a bet he could perform his song with virtually no facial movements whatsoever?? Too many tranquilizers? Who knows!
The thoughts and giggles of you fine people here are always fun and appreciated. :)

Poor Mister Alberto

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The New Wave Artistic Influcence of Pat Keck 
08:09am 01/01/2009
  Ok, this will hopefully make up for the silliness of the last post I made here.:)
Yesterday while on the internet, I remembered an artist I watched in a short bio on TV a handful of years ago, whom I would adore to meet. I couldn't recall her name, but after some repeated google searches, there she was-good ol Pat Keck.
Pat is an artist who creates both 2 and 3 dimensional art, and some are even robotic. Although, more interestingly, they are automatons, and likened to very old robots of the Victorian era.
But the best part, is her strong influence of glam, punk and new wave! Most of her art involves people as the subject, and this is where we see those styles the most.
If you have a look at the link below, you will see how the details of the hair, clothing and painted makeup on her statues translate into a real new wave/new romantic feel. They resemble so many different people of the 80's music scene, and I LOVE this attention to detail.
We see a little Peter Murphy, old Duran and so on in these statues, but it's the piece she produced called,'The Messengers', that is one of the most thrilling on the page of examples.
I would need the artist herself to verify this, but I could almost bet that the 4 characters who move within the work are based on the members of the band Japan. I mean, if that lovely white-haired blond is not Sylvian, I'd be mighty surprised! :D
Please click and watch the video next to the images, and watch as the pleasant music drifts behind this amazing artwork.
Pat Keck Gallery

P.s. She also did an amazing Klaus Nomi who gradually rises from slumber by depressing a pedal at the base of the structure: See Him Here

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Scary Italian Japan Costume/Style Video?? 
03:17pm 31/12/2008
  Greetings all and Happy New Year!
It's been some time since I had a good post to share in here, but I finally found a few, nonetheless.
Ok, here's the story...
I was on youtube, and noticed through a rather random connection(don't even recall what I was initially searching for), an Italian New Wave video from a female musician I have never heard of. I am not too familiar with the New Wave artists of most non-english speaking countries, so that is to be expected.
Though what got my attention the most was how similar this woman looked to David Sylvian back in his 'Tin Drum' days, so naturally, I had to click on the video.
What I ended up seeing was well, um, not nearly as good-lol!
On top of that, this woman, named Donatella Rettore,(Who I guess if fairly well known in Italy) attempts to don, along with 3 male back up singers, very similar outfits/looks to that of the band Japan(in general), right around the same time.(Mind you, many people were wearing Japanese flags and related clothes because it was fashionable, but view the two videos below and you will see what I mean) Feel free to compare the look, my friends..

Here is the link to a Japan video, where they are in some of their enjoyable asian costumes:

Classic Japan Video

And here is the link to the very bizarre copy cat fashion style:

Italian Video

There are several things that irked me about this Italian singer/video, and they go as follows:
1)This woman could have passed for a really nice andro, new wave look, and dare I say, could have played the Sylvian card a little better. If she wore a suit, and maybe moved around a little less silly, it could have actually worked! She has the hair and bone structure, and missed the mark.(I am reminded of Liquid Sky's lead if it was done correctly to better fit this woman's look)
2)What the heck is with the headband antennae as part of the costume???
3)Can we say goofy choreography? Zounds!(Why the twist is done here, among other moves, I'll never know)
4)I googled these lyrics, and they're really not exactly fitting with the video/style either. It's about her begging for someone to give her a razor to cut her veins, over and over.(rolls eyes) They really didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Well, that's all for my rant.
Feel free to share your thoughts all!
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My congratulations all! 
08:55am 30/12/2008

I congratulate all with coming new year!
I wish good luck and health in new year as well as in all the subsequent...!

The Thought Criminals - Die Young: Stay Pretty (17 track US Edition) 
12:18pm 06/11/2008


now on sale at:








Die Young: Stay Pretty, is the debut release from the South London Duo, The Thought Criminals. Their sound can only be described as an EBM laced Sci-fi/80’s/Electro Punk montage. Programmer/Musician Kirlian Blue, supplies the backdrop for frontman Rocky Goode’s tongue & cheek vocals. Die Young: Stay Pretty, is a 10 track album which contains 3 bona fide singles: The catchy pop hit "(I’m Gonna Be a) Celebrity," the old school EBM "Date Rape Lovers" and the explosive "My Baby’s a Suicide Bomber." In addition to the album tracks, Die Young: Stay Pretty, includes seven bonus remixes that will be sure to pack dance floors across the globe.


01. Cyberslut
02. (I'm Gonna Be a) Celebrity
03. Date Rape Lovers
04. Pappa's Got a Brand New Gun
05. Minimal
06. My Baby's a Suicide Bomber
07. Electricity
08. Brixton Briefcase
09. Automan
10. Party 'Till the Police Come
Bonus Remixes
11. Date Rape Lovers (Ed Strazdas 12" Club Remix)
12. Cyberslut (Ed Strazdas 12" Club Remix)
13. Pappa's Got a Brand New Gun (AK47 Heaven Remix)
14. Minimal (Damien Choir Mix)
15. Brixton Briefcase (Vaseline Dream Mix)
16. Suicide Bomber (Worlds Crazy Mix)
17. Date Rape Lovers (Slimelight Mix)


(I'm Gonna be a) Celebrity

Pappa's Got a Brand New Gun

My Baby's a Suicide Bomber

Date Rape Lovers (Ed Strazdas 12" Club Remix)

Lost song...found! 
09:15pm 23/07/2008
  Last year I posted here looking for a song called "Too Young to Know" by a band (?) called Bop that I was having absolutely no luck finding. I finally got a copy of the extended remix on mp3 thanks to a new and lovely friend and it is as charming a song as I remember -- perhaps even better now that I can hear it properly and not on an old cassette tape!

I also found out that the singer's name is Ian Page and that he was in a band called Secret Affair in the late 70s and early 80s. Bop was just a side project and after many years apart, the members of Secret Affair are back together and touring again.

If anyone wants a copy of "Too Young to Know", just ask and I will be happy to email it to you.
03:24am 16/07/2008
  This might sound like an odd question, but I was wondering which perfumes and scents you all wear :)

What are your favourite bath smellies? Perfume? Shower gels?

I love bath and beauty products and probably have more stuff from Lush in my apartment than I do food right now. My preferences change, but I do love Lush's Karma soap and Olive Branch shower gel and also Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel (which always smells to me like the Duty Free Shop in Heathrow Airport which smells like travel which makes me happy...).

Recently a friend introduced me to Agent Provocateur's signature scent which I loved. I also wear something called Glorious which is discontinued and was made by Gloria Vanderbilt in the 80s. I have a fair stash :)

What do you wear??

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A Show in Philly 
03:39pm 15/07/2008
  There is a show in Philly this week.

July 17 @ Tritone - Philly Entertainment w/ TV Sound

About TV Sound:
TV SOUND consists of five fashionable boys based out of philadelphia that want to see the glamour of rock’s decadent past relived through their songs/live performances. Duran Duran Roxy Music David Bowie Japan and The Rolling Stones can all be cited as an influences in TV SOUND’s modern take on music. Danceable Rock ’n Roll made for beautiful boys, jetset girls, international playboys, secret agents, socialites and beyond.

Entertainment are darker, think Bauhaus-esque
"The band melds post-punk, new wave, goth-rock and pop into something that sounds as if Bauhaus, Joy Division, (very early) U2, and Chrome were having an orgy."
-Charley Lee / Flagpole Magazine

"... stalking, with a death and debauchery as prevalent as The Lost Boys had it been set in Nero’s Rome."
- Seth Styles

"... like Killing Joke mixed with Adam and the Ants if they forgot to tune their guitars"
- Lords of Metal

Anyone in Philly on this Community might like it

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09:50pm 05/10/2007
  Does anyone happen to recognize the tune in this song? HMMMMMM!

Oh, and I thought I'd pass this along.

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"Photography pays your rent/ Transatlantic times are different" 
07:21am 28/08/2007
mood: Romo
Lovers of synth-pop and Romo may like this pair. Their wry, observational lyrics and way with hooks place them a cut above a lot of new electro-pop acts. Their look isn't as in-your-face flamboyant as a lot of electro bands, but a look at videos of their live shows reveal an engagingly arch performance style that reminds me a lot of bands like Plastic Fantastic.

Although they show 80's and 90's influences, they don't come across as "tribute" or "retro-pop", perhaps because the topics of their songs are quite up-to-date. Their most popular song seems to be Disco Fever, which is my favourite too as it's the most dynamic and has some lovely warm synth sounds.
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"No-one really wants it, but here we are today" 
09:25pm 27/07/2007
mood: nuclear
Check this beauty out!

I've loved the song, by lesser-known Futurist pop trio Data, ever since I found the vinyl single in a charity shop in Taunton, and purchased it for 20 pence or something silly. I'd never heard anything by them but just KNEW the song had to be great, as it had a really cool, if slightly tattered, cover. It had an angular, black and white design of three disintegrating faces on the front, and some classic 80's dystopian lyrics on the back.

I was not disappointed - the song is amazing and I played it again and again to while away the Devonian hours. And, as I found out tonight, the seldom-seen video is brilliant too!

The only downside is, seeing the future-shock graphics of bands like this from over 20 years ago makes it impossible to be impressed by the imagery of latter-day bands like Client, Ladytron etc.
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