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"No-one really wants it, but here we are today"

Check this beauty out!

I've loved the song, by lesser-known Futurist pop trio Data, ever since I found the vinyl single in a charity shop in Taunton, and purchased it for 20 pence or something silly. I'd never heard anything by them but just KNEW the song had to be great, as it had a really cool, if slightly tattered, cover. It had an angular, black and white design of three disintegrating faces on the front, and some classic 80's dystopian lyrics on the back.

I was not disappointed - the song is amazing and I played it again and again to while away the Devonian hours. And, as I found out tonight, the seldom-seen video is brilliant too!

The only downside is, seeing the future-shock graphics of bands like this from over 20 years ago makes it impossible to be impressed by the imagery of latter-day bands like Client, Ladytron etc.
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