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A Show in Philly

There is a show in Philly this week.

July 17 @ Tritone - Philly Entertainment w/ TV Sound

About TV Sound:
TV SOUND consists of five fashionable boys based out of philadelphia that want to see the glamour of rock’s decadent past relived through their songs/live performances. Duran Duran Roxy Music David Bowie Japan and The Rolling Stones can all be cited as an influences in TV SOUND’s modern take on music. Danceable Rock ’n Roll made for beautiful boys, jetset girls, international playboys, secret agents, socialites and beyond.

Entertainment are darker, think Bauhaus-esque
"The band melds post-punk, new wave, goth-rock and pop into something that sounds as if Bauhaus, Joy Division, (very early) U2, and Chrome were having an orgy."
-Charley Lee / Flagpole Magazine

"... stalking, with a death and debauchery as prevalent as The Lost Boys had it been set in Nero’s Rome."
- Seth Styles

"... like Killing Joke mixed with Adam and the Ants if they forgot to tune their guitars"
- Lords of Metal

Anyone in Philly on this Community might like it

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