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Scary Italian Japan Costume/Style Video??

Greetings all and Happy New Year!
It's been some time since I had a good post to share in here, but I finally found a few, nonetheless.
Ok, here's the story...
I was on youtube, and noticed through a rather random connection(don't even recall what I was initially searching for), an Italian New Wave video from a female musician I have never heard of. I am not too familiar with the New Wave artists of most non-english speaking countries, so that is to be expected.
Though what got my attention the most was how similar this woman looked to David Sylvian back in his 'Tin Drum' days, so naturally, I had to click on the video.
What I ended up seeing was well, um, not nearly as good-lol!
On top of that, this woman, named Donatella Rettore,(Who I guess if fairly well known in Italy) attempts to don, along with 3 male back up singers, very similar outfits/looks to that of the band Japan(in general), right around the same time.(Mind you, many people were wearing Japanese flags and related clothes because it was fashionable, but view the two videos below and you will see what I mean) Feel free to compare the look, my friends..

Here is the link to a Japan video, where they are in some of their enjoyable asian costumes:

Classic Japan Video

And here is the link to the very bizarre copy cat fashion style:

Italian Video

There are several things that irked me about this Italian singer/video, and they go as follows:
1)This woman could have passed for a really nice andro, new wave look, and dare I say, could have played the Sylvian card a little better. If she wore a suit, and maybe moved around a little less silly, it could have actually worked! She has the hair and bone structure, and missed the mark.(I am reminded of Liquid Sky's lead if it was done correctly to better fit this woman's look)
2)What the heck is with the headband antennae as part of the costume???
3)Can we say goofy choreography? Zounds!(Why the twist is done here, among other moves, I'll never know)
4)I googled these lyrics, and they're really not exactly fitting with the video/style either. It's about her begging for someone to give her a razor to cut her veins, over and over.(rolls eyes) They really didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Well, that's all for my rant.
Feel free to share your thoughts all!
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