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The New Wave Artistic Influcence of Pat Keck

Ok, this will hopefully make up for the silliness of the last post I made here.:)
Yesterday while on the internet, I remembered an artist I watched in a short bio on TV a handful of years ago, whom I would adore to meet. I couldn't recall her name, but after some repeated google searches, there she was-good ol Pat Keck.
Pat is an artist who creates both 2 and 3 dimensional art, and some are even robotic. Although, more interestingly, they are automatons, and likened to very old robots of the Victorian era.
But the best part, is her strong influence of glam, punk and new wave! Most of her art involves people as the subject, and this is where we see those styles the most.
If you have a look at the link below, you will see how the details of the hair, clothing and painted makeup on her statues translate into a real new wave/new romantic feel. They resemble so many different people of the 80's music scene, and I LOVE this attention to detail.
We see a little Peter Murphy, old Duran and so on in these statues, but it's the piece she produced called,'The Messengers', that is one of the most thrilling on the page of examples.
I would need the artist herself to verify this, but I could almost bet that the 4 characters who move within the work are based on the members of the band Japan. I mean, if that lovely white-haired blond is not Sylvian, I'd be mighty surprised! :D
Please click and watch the video next to the images, and watch as the pleasant music drifts behind this amazing artwork.
Pat Keck Gallery

P.s. She also did an amazing Klaus Nomi who gradually rises from slumber by depressing a pedal at the base of the structure: See Him Here

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