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More Laughs From Our Italian 80's Friends ^_^

Ok guys, I am not trying to make you all miserable with these 80's vids from Italian music stars, but I am finding they are really tickling me. :)
While looking at that Donatella person I posted not too long ago, I also found this gentleman, named Alberto Camerini.
It would appear that he was(maybe still is, who knows), a pop star, and created such Italian classics as,'Rock N' Roll Robot'.(teehee)
I haven't dug around a lot on this man(there are several videos of him on youtube, usually in more poppy clothes for the time frame), but this video caught my eye because of his makeup and clothes.
My verdict is he looks actually pretty good to me, and I certainly wouldn't turn him out of my club if I was Steve Strange. However, outside of the just passable song(isn't too painful, and less bad than poor Donatella's), he is suffering from 'lack of energy disease' while performing-LOL. I mean, I don't know what this poor fellow was thinking, or maybe he was ill or something, but he simply appears as if he does not want to be there at all. His lack of enthusiasm almost makes me feel as if they dragged an audience member backstage, painted him up and threw him out there to lipsync. The actual audience are a strange mix of awed and stunned, if I could wager a guess. In addition, perhaps he made a bet he could perform his song with virtually no facial movements whatsoever?? Too many tranquilizers? Who knows!
The thoughts and giggles of you fine people here are always fun and appreciated. :)

Poor Mister Alberto

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