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Ronny MySpace page

I am aware that MySpace has recently fallen from favour among many users, but have still gone ahead and made a MySpace page about Ronnyanyway. I felt she should have one as there wasn't anything much about her on there, or anywhere on the net in fact. There's a few nice pictures on there anyway, and a couple of tunes. I hope to scan some of my stuff from books and magazines and put that on there when I finally locate my scanner (I moved house recently). I've got a great book with a questionnaire filled in in her own handwriting (quite unusual, all uppercase and left-slanting!) that I hope to put there.

There's also a couple of videos from YouTube including a great one that nuromantik directed me to. I hope the people that put them there won't mind me sharing them - if you are reading and you do mind, please let me know.

I secretly look forward to a polite but severe email from Ronny ordering me to take it all down :D
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