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There's nothing I can do, the camera made you...

Just thought I'd share this obscure delight from Peter Godwin with you. It was posted on F**eb**k today but I thought it should be delivered to this classy spot. I'd never seen it before so imagine it may be new to some of you.

At the tail-end of the '00s, it always makes me happy to discover cracking songs from the 80's that I hadn't heard before. The synths are gorgeous, the tune is epic and the lyrics of a man's forlorn love for a model from an advert have that rarefied mixture of preposterousness and exquisite, fringe-flicking melancholy that characterises the best tunes of the era.

Godwin actually produced and wrote for Ronny and I find it interesting that the lady in the video does look rather like her, facially. (The synths also remind me a bit of the synths on To Have And Have Not.) I love the bit where she bats the remote from his hand like an irritable cat.

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