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Romantics Revisited

Our Futurist Friends

The Perfect Picture of a Boy-Girl Age
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A community for those who love the old New Romantic bands and fashion, but realize there is no such thing as a "typical" New Romantic look frozen in time. Nostalgia is fun, but why not be a preening peacock now? Feel free to come and worship the likes of Duran Duran, Gary Numan and Japan, but also to chat about the musicians, artists and faces that are carrying the New Romantic ideals into the year 3000! *insert scary space music* If you are debonair and dangerous, feel free to post pictures of your futurist selves as well.

  • Please, no flaming or uncalled for remarks.

  • One spiteful remark gets you a bollocking; two spiteful remarks will get you banned.

  • Keep posts on-topic, intelligible or coherent, and with comments enabled, else they will be deleted.

  • If you have a long text or pictures to post, please lj-cut it

  • NOTE TO SPAMMERS: Please contact the moderator for permission before advertising events or other communities here (the aim of this rule is to keep off-topic spam to a minimum, not to discourage promotion of relevant clubs, gigs etc.) If you don't ask first, your post gets deleted regardless of content. Repeat and get banned! Yay!

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